Author D.A. Chadwick
Hunter's Canyon
The Frazer/Gibson Murders

In 1890 John S. Frazer rode through Hunter's Canyon near Sedan, Kansas and was stabbed to death by nine of  his neighbors.   The murder was never solved and his partner died of suspcious circumstances in a hotel room in Moline, Kansas. 
The evidence is scarce, but the Lawless family of Elk County kept the crime alive in family stories about a missing uncle who had a hand in the Frazer and Gibson murders .  

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This book tells the story of abuse for those still trapped in a bad situation.  A practical guide for those with no where else to turn.  Not for those who feel sorry for pedophiles.

The true story of Robert U. Shepard who served in the Southwest Pacific Area as a medic in the 1st field hospital.  
The 1st Field Hospital:  The Experiences of T-4 Robert U. Shepard

After years of suffering abuse from his father, Harry Dolan joined the US Rangers and went to Vietnam, where he made his mark as a sniper. Dolan seees child abuse as a cop and a medical investigator, then has to watch as pedophiles walk away from the damage they cause. When a rich businessman murders his wife after she catches him sexually abusing their daughter, it appears a high-priced lawyer  will get the evidence thrown out. Dolan can take no more and decides to help children when the law refuses.


The only English language biography available on Jeannine Deckers, aka, Soeur Sourire.

Known as The Singing Nun in the United States, Deckers topped the music charts in 1963 with her hit song, Dominique.

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The Singing Nun
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In 1887 the village priest of Rennes le Chateau, France began restoring the Mary Magdalene church and found parchments stored in a Visigoth pillar. Shorty afterwards, Fr. Bérenger Saunière, became wealthy and renovated the village by building roads, a mansion, a library and erecting a statue of Joan of Arc. He ordered a stained glass window depicting Lazarus being raised from the dead that reflects a double helix in the sanctuary.

Sarah Roland Cabot discovers the truth behind the Rennes le Chateau legend and the ancient religious medal given to her as a child when she is crowned Queen of France. The significance of the Valois, Merovingian and Davidic bloodlines, and their connection to the number 666 and human DNA are an eerie reality to world leaders.

Harry Dolan gets a call from Dr. Blake Gayle, an Army buddy he met in Vietnam, inviting him to Idaho to explore a newly purchses tract of land. Dolan is excited for the diversion from his work as a medical investigator, but a group of white superemacists unhappy with the sale of the land kidnps the doctor's son and lead Harry on a wild chase through the wilderness.

The military advisor for the Sons of Marduk is Dylan Clever, an ex-Green Beret sniper with the same combat experience as Dolan. Harry makes the mission more interesting by recruiting a team of women to pursuit the Aryan Nation rejects to an abandoned gold mine.

Was Joan of Arc Really a Peasant Girl or Was She Nobility?
Deb Chadwick | 
Deb Chadwick
The Grass Widow: A Civil War Tale


The story of Bethel Erwin who joined the CSA as Tandy Scott, then deserted to join the Union army where she worked her way up to assistant surgeon. Anything was better than the life of a woman in the Tennessee hills, at least that was her thinking until the battle of Shiloh.

When Bethel and her brother meet a young widow in Corinth, their lives are changed forever.

Rennes le Chateau: The Road to Sion

ISBN 10 1453714847
ISBN 13   978 1453714843
Midwest Book Review.
Five Stars
"The Grass Widow" is a fine read, and not to be overlooked."
In 1969 ten-year-old Hunter Brodie found a manuscript in an abandoned church attic in Independent Hill, Virginia. Decades later, divorced, in debt, unemployed and near suicide, Brodie decides to publish the book as his own not realizing that the manuscript he found was written by a desperate research scientist at Area 51. It was a decision he would deeply regret when Brodie discovers the horror behind the old Air Force radar station near his childhood home in Virginia and the truth behind his father's terrifying "ghost stories".

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ISBN-13: 978-1466397781

The Good Nazi   
The story of Anna Mendel and Ingrid Brecht, a Jew and Protestant who were best friends until 1942 when Anna was sent to the concentration camps and Ingrid became a guard at Ravensbruch.

Years later in 2006 Ingrid reaches out to Anna for help in her deportation hearing in America, bringing up feelings of anger and revealing the reason why Anna was released from Auschwitz in 1945.
ISBN-13: 978-1477505830 
ISBN-10: 1477505830

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Paper Memories: Distant Voices from the Third Reich
Volume 1 and II

Examines rare historical documents from those living in Nazi Europe. Letters from German troops, concentration camp prisoners, Soldbuchs, Wehrmacht photograph albums and many other rare documents.
Vol 1
ISBN 13: 978-1493671908
ISBN 10: 1493671901
Vol II
ISBN 13: 978-1505916224
ISBN 10: 1505916224

The Chimera Project
Based on stories the author heard as a child from a father who worked in army intelligence at the Pentagon. Will scare the hell out of you!